curiosity and happiness

Do you wonder why you were so happy when you were a child and at some point you just stopped being that happy? I do. It was right around middle of the high school where I tricked myself into the idea that I have figured out how the world works.[1] Happiness comes in different forms. There are instant ones like a reaction to a specific event and sustained ones that make you feel happy continuously.

buggy culture

I am really surprised. The release is broken. How could this happen at this point and no one noticed it? Who is responsible for this feature? I really think we should have a meeting to raise awareness about criticality. How is this not tested? Sounds familiar? Software is a living organism that evolves over time and different people contribute to it, leave their marks. When you make a contribution, there are two states that interact with each other.

hi there

I’ve been accumulating writing ideas and planning to write more often. This will be the medium I’ll use for publishing them. Hope it doesn’t become abandoned!